Monday, June 06, 2005

New Director for my (sorta) area

I added the "(sorta)" in the title above, because it is still up in the air whether I am officially a member of the Technology Support group of IT, or reporting to the CIO. When speaking with her last week, there were talks about my physically moving to a different location and working closely with the other Project Manager (what a thought!). Anyways....

The Director of Technology Support(TS) position has been vacant for quite a while, and was recently opened for applications. I turned one in, but didn't make the final three (no sour grapes ... depending upon who is hired). Thursday of last week, members of TS received an email from the CIO's Admin Asst indicating the final three, and the upcoming interview process for them. The first order of business for each of the three is a meet-n-greet meeting with the staff of TS at 8:30am.

Today's meeting was with candidate #1, MB. His first impression went over well, partly because of his effort and some because of prior knowledge of one of the other three candidates. MB's interaction with the staff was informative, and he was hit by some pretty deep questions (I started the day off with a bang ... no reason to waste a perfectly good 45 meeting with fluff!). He also shared some of his goals, not only for this position, but for his personal future. I would give him a 4 out of 5 stars.

Next candidate's meeting is Wednesday morning. I will be busy all the rest of the day, so it may be Thursday before I report on that meeting (which won't be a positive review ... I already have a history with this guy)

Note: MB, you said you did your homework quite thoroughly .... did you find this blog? Leave me a comment or send me an email if you did.
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