Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's been a neat morning

Got an IM (instant message) from my brother late yesterday afternoon asking for some information for my nephew.  My nephew was going to be on campus today for the enrollment/orientation process, and my brother was needing some information on various locations.  Due to the late signup for the enrollment, my brother wasn’t going to be able to attend the day with his son.  During our conversation, I offered to ‘hang out’ with Chris, and make sure he got where he was supposed to be, after clearing it with my CIO.  Needless to say, my brother took me up on the offer.

I met up with Chris and his girlfriend a little after 8:00 am, and made sure he was parked in the right place (in case the parking nazi were on patrol).  We got to the registration area and started the day off right.  Without getting into a lot of detail, the morning went fine, and was a good “bonding” time with my nephew.  It was also good, in the idea that this will remind him that Uncle Ron is around on campus, in case he needs any help, or just needs to talk.

Right now Chris is in the actual Enrollment process, where he will be talked through enrolling in his first semester, then we may go over an introduce him to one of the faculty members in the major he is looking into.  After that is a tour of the Residential Life housing options.  Looks like it is going to be a full day of “information overload” for him today.

Who knows …. I might even have to miss one of my meetings this afternoon …..  :-(

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