Thursday, June 09, 2005

Document Imaging has become 'my world'

Like it or not, Document Imaging (DI) or Elecrtonic Document Management System (EDMS) had become my own little world to live in here at OSU. While I may have small little side projects assigned to me as Manager of Special Projects, my main directive right now is the Document Imaging project for the OSU system. As such, I am starting to learn tiny tidbits of knowledge that only a geek would remember, or try to figure out how to work into a conversation.

According to International Data Corp (IDC), "Each day, this nation churns out 600 million pages of computer printouts, 234 million photocopies, 76 million letters, and 24 million documents. This comes to an estimated 45 sheets of paper for every worker. And, 95% of all information is still on paper."
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The average cost to fill and maintain a single, four-drawer filing cabinet is over $6,200 per year. The same cabinet can be scanned for less than $1,500.

Keep an eye out for future DI tidbits!

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