Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another reason while I love to use RSS feeds to follow blogs

I have posted previously how I used to follow several blogs and web sites, both personal and work related, via Maxthon (review).  I have also shared how a person can open several sites at the same time via IE or Firefox (how-to).  Both of these methods involve visiting each site and then realizing that only a few of them have new posts to read.


Besides the fact that I don't waste time visiting sites that don't have new information, I also enjoy the fact I am not bombarded with auto-loading music playlists on various blogs.  I still try to visit the actual websites I follow every couple of weeks to look for new blogroll entries in their sidebars.  Here lately it seems that a good number of blogs owners have decided to add music to automatically start after their site loads.  If I were to be opening only one or two sites, that might not be too much of an issue.  However, when opening about 25-30 sites, having four or five different songs play tends to get annoying.


In case you are wondering, the RSS reader I use on my PDA is Newsbreak by Ilium Software.  It is set to automatically check for new posts every five hours.  This way, when I have time to read new posts, I have the new posts available for me.



Note to members of the blogging community: If you find a cool widget to add music to your blog, check and see if it can be configured not to auto-start.  Allow your readers the option to start it themselves if they want.  Or, at least have the widget at the top of the page as opposed to at the bottom


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