Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second verse, same as the first, ....

Have I mentioned that I found a free service to backup my blog on a daily basis?

Oh yeah, I did back on Dec 30, 2007.  As mentioned previously, I use

which, as of yesterday, is no longer in Beta status.  While I am not one to normally repeat my posts, or give double coverage to various online services, I do strongly believe in backing up any data that is deemed the least bit important.  That is why when I found BBO in May 2007, I immediately signed up and started using their free service.  While I haven't made the switch from Blogger to something else, I have tested the ability of BBO to 'republish' my entire blog on other providers (Live, Typepad, etc) and don't remember having any problems with the test.  Considering how I feel about data-loss, maybe that is why I use MS SyncToy to synchronize my desktop & laptop computers to each other, and to create a backup to an external HDD.  This way I have a minimum of three good copies of My Documents, My Photos, and several other data-sets that are critical to my various needs.


In regards to a service being in Beta or full-production:  It doesn't seem that being in Beta Version has the same meaning as numerous years ago.  If you were to set the way-back machine to seven or eight years ago, using something in Beta was risky at best, as it was most likely buggy and had the potential for failure.  Most software/service providers have enough 'private beta testing' done so that when the 'public beta' is released it will be a stable product.  Some companies just need to remove the beta classification from their service(s), but I won't mention who....


(I have mail going back to June 2004 in my account)


Note: In my previous post, I mentioned that I wasn't affiliated with BBO.  That is still true, but as one of the previous beta users who had posted about the service, I was offered a doubling of free-storage.  If you sign-up for BBO and post a blog entry about it, let me know.  I'll see if the President/Founder might extend that offer to you as well.

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