Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check Amazon.com prices on the fly!

Have you ever been shopping for books, music, videos or anything else that might be sold on amazon.com and wanted to compare the store's price to Amazon.com?  Using AmaBuddy.com, now you can! Follow these steps:


     1. Find the bar code on any product (also called UPC or ISBN)

     2. Dial 1-617-712-3574

        Using your phone keypad, enter the numbers found below the bar code

     3. Listen for new/used prices, customer rating and similar items


1.  2.    3.  


If you decide to buy from Amazon.com, when you get to a computer simply visit http://amabuddy.com.  Use your cell phone number to log in and you will find a list of the items you made inquiries about, as well as links to the items on Amazon's site.


All it costs is the air minutes you use to make the call!  Happy Shopping!

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