Friday, February 09, 2007

Bank returns marijuana deposit

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Banks are great places to leave valuables, like jewelry, birth certificates, cash -- and pot.


Adrian Hilton, 26, was accused of depositing a marijuana stash in a Pizza Pit deposit bag and slipping the bundle into a night deposit box at American Bank and Trust last fall.


According to a criminal complaint, Hilton, a delivery driver for Pizza Pit, admitted the marijuana was his and that he had inadvertently deposit it.


Hilton was charged with possession of marijuana, but Assistant Johnson County Attorney David Tiffany said he would ask a judge to dismiss the charge since a bank teller gave the marijuana back to Hilton when he returned to the bank the next day.


"The bank teller gave the marijuana back to him so we didn't have any evidence," Tiffany said. "She was smart enough to call police, but then she gave it back to him."

Tiffany said no charges would be filed against the teller.



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