Friday, April 21, 2006

Third Eye® Mirror

As I posted a couple of weeks back (ex-games) I have some major incentive to get to a competitive fitness level. As a result, I have taken to riding my bike as often as possible (post 1, post 2). Since I am biking on streets like Hall of Fame, Perkins, Lakeview and Airport Road (to name a few) I decided to research various bike mirrors.

There are four major attachment methods: helmet, eye glasses, handle bar & frame (view to the rear is between the legs - not for me). I could find a dozens of web sites that would either praise or condemn any type mentioned, but several sites seemed to mention a single supplier 3rd-eye-mirror- Third Eye® Mirror. After looking around their site, I sent them an email introducing myself and asking them about their mirrors. I never received an email back, so I thought they were either very busy or ignoring me (I leaned more toward the first option). Yesterday when I got home, I had a small package from Bicycle Safety, Inc, the parent company of Third Eye. In the box was not only their Pro Mirror, but also their Eyeglass mirror with an extra template piece. I think it should go without saying that after dinner I was more than pumped to go ride.

Due to time constraints, I was only able to ride about four miles, and I think I was looking more behind than to the front for the first 1.5 miles. Once the 'new toy' feeling wore off, I got down to a regular pedaling pace and used the mirror as designed (quick checks every 10-20 seconds for cars, confirm clear lane behind me before swerving around road-kill, cracks, limbs, occasional chasing dog, etc). The beauty of this mirror is the fact there really isn't a blind-spot. A simple (and slight) turn of the head allows me to 'sweep' the area behind me to see everything. The fact the mirror itself is about 3x the size of a dentist's mirror doesn't hurt either!

If you or your friends have any plans to start riding frequently, I recommend a bike mirror ... and without a doubt, I recommend you visit the Third Eye® site first.

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