Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bring on the nice weather!

Except for Monday, I have rode my bike to work each day this week. One of my buddies asked me to go bike riding after work with him last week, but every attempt got canceled due to other scheduling conflicts. We decided yesterday was the day to make a quick lap around Kameoka Trail (a 3.2 mile loop around Boomer Lake). So, after riding to work and back home again, Todd came by to pick me up for the ride. We finished the loop in just over 15 minutes, so we ended up keeping a pretty decent pace for two middle aged office workers. Due to the time constraints, I decided to ride back to the house while Todd did one more lap before heading to see his family.

Later that evening, when running errands with Sarah, I decided to find out the distances for my ride to work and the ride home from the Kameoka Trail. From my front door to my office building is slightly further than two miles and the trip to the trail was 2.25. So, yesterday resulted in:
2.00 - to the office
2.00 - to home
3.20 - around the trail
2.25 - back home
9.45 miles - not to shabby for the first real day of riding since I was in college!

No, it wasn't all at the same time .... give me a little break, would ya?
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