Sunday, September 09, 2007

From Spam to Scam

The previous post indicated I ended up assisting with the spamming of those in my address book by a phishing attempt by a new networking website.  Now I would like to share about another internet user that wasn't sucked into a scam that would have cost him a G4 Powerbook.


MyNameIsJeff had offered up a 19 day old G4 Powerbook on EBay which attracted the attention of scammer Scont06MyNameIsJeff recognized the scam and proceeded to pull a reverse-scam on Scont06.


Long story short: Scont06 shelled out considerable amount of $$$ thinking he was getting this:                                 When he actually got this:


Long story long:

If you would like to read about the entire process, you can follow these links:

     Building the P-P-P-Powerbook

     Sending if off

     Getting through customs

     The scammer responds

         Complete story in single PDF file

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