Friday, June 15, 2007

Someone has too much time on their hands.....

Besides several personal and work related blogs, I have also looked for various law-enforcement related blogs to read.  One of them is My 5150 World.  As stated in the header of that blog, "5150" is California Welfare and Institutions code for Lights are on but nobody's home!  The blog is maintained by a dispatcher who is married to a cop, so there are plenty of opportunities for great law enforcement stories.  She posted a series of entries (intended to look as one long post), using her kid's toys.  The following is a repost of those entries (posted here with permission):


Yes, As a Matter of Fact, I DID Have too Much Free Time on my Hands...

I was walking through the room yesterday and I glanced down at what I at first thought was an intact, discarded Cookie Monster. Then I noticed the stuffing and those two little plastic eyes staring up at me from nearby. I looked at my dog, Gabby and she had a little Cookie Monster stuffing, caught in her whiskers. I busted up laughing, and thinking, I caught you! And then my crazy imagination took over. And the result is the following story. I really hope you enjoy it.


Uh, OH! "C" is for "Crime Scene"


Our Hero in Blue, is the First one the Scene!


Here Come the Firemen


The Ambulance has Arrived. Oh, no. Looks Like "C" is for "Coroner's Case!"

     (Notice the tourist. Tee hee.)



Sorry, Mr. Policeman, There is Nothing For Us To Do. We Are Outta Here. Good Luck!


And They are, Going, Going, Gone...


But You KNOW the Firemen Will Get All the Glory.....


...And the Police Will Get All the Paperwork



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