Friday, June 29, 2007

I am thinking of going into the Phone business

I have a design for a phone with the following specs:

-Glass screen (easily broken so will get replacement charges)
-No 3G (to complicated)
-2MP camera (all the other phones are moving to higher specs so I should be able to get them cheap)
-No GPS (see 3G)
-No expansion slot (no fiddling allowed)
-No replacement battery (more support charges I can make)
-No MMS (people only use it for naughty video clips anyway)
-No IM (hey use your phone if you want to contact someone)
-No video calling (see 3g and MMS)
-No video capture (see above)
-No VOIP (see IM)
-No 3rd Party apps (see expansion slot)
-No Stereo BT A2DP - (I want to sell some special headphones so everyone will know what you have)
-Oh and for good measure I will lock the phone to specific carriers and charge you a fortune as part of a 2 year deal.

I'm thinking of calling it The Lemon. Do you think I will get much of an interest in people buying it?

Hang on - there's the phone, fax, snail-mail and emails going mad - seems everyone wants one!.

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