Thursday, January 12, 2006

AvantGo users:

If you happen to carry a PDA (Palm, Pocket PC or Blackberry) and are using AvantGo to read various channels at your own convenience, you can now subscribe to an AvantGo channel which was built from the RSS feed of my blog.

1. Click on this link: Tis Gar Plen - RSS
2. Login to AvantGo if required (if a cookie doesn't remember you)
3. Review setting (all should be set)
4. Scroll down and click on Save Channel

After your next synchronization with AvantGo, your channel list will include Tis Gar Plen-RSS, which should look something like this:


Here is a couple of other links, if you are interested:
The Internet Ate My Homework: Bubby's blog (a very good friend of mine)
WWdN: In Exile
Note: Both sites are in my "Blogs I follow" box in the right sidebar
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