Thursday, July 28, 2005

What is your favorite.....

First, this isn’t a shameless call for comments to be left on my blog. This is how much of a sentence Sarah, my 15 year old, will get out when she gets ready to ask what my favorite (insert anything here) happens to be. She then remembers that my mind doesn’t process favorites like hers. Instead of a particular favorite color, song, movie, etc, I tend to classify items as really like, kinda like and don’t care for. But I do have some favorites …

Some of my favorites, in no particular order: Joe F has been my right hand man since August 2000, when he came to work for me in the Training and Office Automation (TOA) group. He is mentioned within my blog on the first day I started it (How I Got Started). He was the one at the office I was trying to call the day of my accident (6/25/01) and was at the Stillwater hospital everyday to check on me and see if Renee needed anything. He went out of his way to give me a ride to work when I was in a wheelchair (he claims he did it for the premium parking permit). Through all of the TT comedy routines, we have been working together, until recently. The latest re-org split up Gimp-boy and Bubby. We still would visit and discuss various work issues on a daily basis, but we didn’t officially work together. Joe has a blog I have as my first entry in my ‘morning read’ group of Maxthon. Thursday of last week, he shared on his blog a definition of success and how he didn’t feel he was part of something worthwhile. Being as close as we are, needless to say, it hurt to know that was how he was feeling.

Enter another favorite, Todd J. Away from work, Todd has to be one of my absolute best friends and confidants. A friend of his was looking for an IT guy for a small group of dental offices. After a short talk, I realized their starting salary range wasn’t enough to lure me away from OSU, but I instantly thought of Joe. Long story short: After I interviewed the friend of Todd’s, I got the friend and Joe together, and by mid-day Saturday, Joe had a sweet job offer (within approx 48 hours of the Success blog entry). Joe was able to sweeten the deal a little and announced his resignation from the University yesterday via a letter to his supervisor and CIO, as well as within another blog entry (The Big Announcement).

The third favorite I will mention: Kevin S. Kevin has been Joe’s office-mate since he came to work for me on the Second Level Support team. The positioning of the office-mates was no accident, as I knew Joe would be a good mentor/friend to Kevin. Another long story short: Kevin has felt stagnant in his current organisational location, but loves the job he is supposed to be doing. I have shared with everyone above me (as far as I could go up the chain) about Kevin needing to be placed within a different department of OSU, so that he would be able to be more productive as well as happy. Yesterday, a few minutes after Joe shared with our CIO about him leaving (a meeting I just happened to be present for), Kevin came into my office and shared he was being transfered … to the department I had made the recommendations about. While it wasn’t 100% directly related to my recommendations, I do believe the passion I shared about the needed change, and the amount of times I talked about it, had something to do with the decision.

There ya go, three of the very few favorites I have …..

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