Monday, April 04, 2005

Saddam's Palace Basement Becomes O&P Lab

From OandP's The Edge, April 2005:
Throughout the war in Iraq, media attention has been focused on military operations, and the impact on daily life has often been forgotten. In that war-torn nation, the medical system is a shambles, and the need for orthotics and prosthetics is rapidly rising. While most military attention has been focused on the war effort, one US Army captain in Baghdad turned his attention to helping Iraqi citizens receive the orthotic and prosthetic care they so desperately need.

Army Captain Steve Lindsley, who is the clinical coordinator for the Mississippi Methodist Rehab Center, Monroe, Louisiana, served as the logistics officer with the 112th Military Police Battalion in Baghdad until early this year. He was one of the pioneers of Operation Restoration, a project that was founded to provide local Iraqis with artificial limbs and braces. Along with Sergeant Chris Cummings, a member of the civil affairs unit who owned an orthotic and prosthetic central fabrication business before being called to duty, and Captain Rob Edwards, the INTEL officer for his battalion, Lindsley was able to establish a makeshift prosthetics lab in the basement of one of Saddam Hussein's palaces where over 60 patients have received care.
 The complete article on Operation Restoration 
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