Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Two funerals and a (major) allergic reaction ... What a holiday weekend!

Some people look forward to three-day weekends. After this last one, I wouldn't wish it upon my worse enemy.

On Saturday, I went to the funeral of a good friend's father. It started late, and the following reasoning was given by the pastor: "you might have noticed we started the funeral a little late ... this is due to the fact that Mr. Black was always late to everywhere he went, and family thought it would be appropriate to start late". Ok, start with some humor ... considering the life we were honoring, that was appropriate. The funeral also included a powerpoint presentation showing dozens of pictures of Mr. Black growing up, playing with his kids and grandkids ... it was very well done. The trip to the cemetery was somewhat eventful, as some people don't understand that a hearse (driving slowly), with about a hundred cars behind it means a funeral procession. When their traffic light turned green, they decided they should go ... the car in front of me almost got t-boned .... not a pretty site during a funeral.

On Sunday, I went to David's funeral (see Sept 2 entry). I have never been to a child's funeral before, and I hope I never have to again. The family and pastor did their very best to make this a 'Celebration of Life', but when the video presentation of David's (short) life was played, which included so many cute pictures of him and his little sisters, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. David's parents are absolutely WONDERFUL people. It took about 45 minutes for the sanctuary to clear after the funeral, but that was because both were standing at the door, shaking hands and thanking everyone that was there. Very short stories (many which ended with laughter) was shared near the door.

On Monday, Renee and I decided to take the girls to OKC (Oklahoma City) for some shopping. While we didn't find exactly what we wanted, some of those shopping (no names being shared) had no difficulties in finding something to buy. We then went to lunch. Before I explain the rest of this story, you need to remember that over the last three years, I have had several combinations of pharmaceutical medications mixed up in my body, and I am still trying to get my body (internally) over that experience. As a result of the various meds I have had, I have developed some food allergies. Well, I didn't order what I normally do, which is unusual for me, but what I got was good. On the way back to Stillwater, I got a pounding headache, which is one of my initial indicator of an impending allergy attack. The next indicator is what scares Renee to death: difficulty breathing. Yep, that kicked in as we are northbound on I-35. A quick detour into Guthrie for some Benedryl and I slowly recovered (when this happens, I am pretty much toast for th rest of the day, due to the fact that I have to work so hard at breathing until the Benedryl kicks in ... it feels like I have run several miles, all up hill)

After a weekend like that ... work is almost a welcome site!
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