Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who ya gonna call?

Talk about a major surprise as I open today's The Daily O'Collegian and find out a buddy of mine believes in ghosts.  It was in the paper, so it has to be true ... right?


I don't know how long the story will stay on their website, so let me give you the highlights here:

One of their staff writers did an article titled: Ghostly sightings keep staff, students on the lookout.  The article points our various oddities on campus, late at night in different buildings.


Then I get to this point in the article:

Training Lt. Leon Jones, a bicycle police officer on campus, said he was patrolling campus winter break in the late ’90s.


Jones said his partner noticed a single track of footsteps in the snow leading to a front door of the Bartlett Center, slightly ajar around 3 a.m. The Bartlett Center, like the other buildings on campus, should have been locked up for the holidays.

Jones said he and his partner checked every room.


“We did a thorough search of the place,” he said. “We were probably in there for a good two hours.”

When they got to the third floor, Jones said they heard a “loud scream and a giggle coming from the fourth floor.”


Jones said they hurried up the stairs, but the floor was empty.


He said he believes it was a ghost.


“I didn’t see anything, but that’s what I believe it was,” he said.


See, there you have it ... Lt. Leon Jones believes it was a ghost.


After reading this, I remember that I had a picture that I took of Leon from one of the stadium security cameras during this past football season.  I seemed to remember something odd about the picture when I took it, but didn't have time to really think about it at the time.


How did I ever manage to miss the fact that he was standing next to a sedan version of ECTO-1?:


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