Sunday, March 15, 2009

New blog .... let's see if my mojo has returned

Actually, the blog itself isn't new.  When I first started blogging, I decided to register "ronking" with Blogger to have as a placeholder if I ever decided to start another blog besides this one.  Today was the day to start using it.


I recently acquired a new camera and wanted to go out and play around with it yesterday.  After just a little while of walking around, my leg started hurting and I got back into the car.  Instead of stopping the photo time, I decided to see what I could find while in the car.  I think I came out with a few really good shots.


The 'adventure' got me thinking (as scary as that may sound).  I decided to start a personal project that involves photography only from within a motor vehicle - primarily my car.  I hope to use this project as a future motivational tool when working with other amputees or future amputees ... especially ones that will have less mobility than I am lucky enough to enjoy.


The blog is named "Auto" Focus and can be found at I hope the wordplay of the title is recognized and understood by all visiting.


I have already posted images from yesterday's activities.



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