Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bringing some heat!!!

water-heaterWithout going into a huge discussion of the 'symptoms' that forced the need for the replacement of our 15 year old water heater, a buddy came over Sunday afternoon to help me with the task.


15 years ago, the 40 gallon water heater cost about $125-$150.  That price included the water heater, installation parts and labor (my father-in-law & I).  The 50 gallon replacement tank, with installation parts, cost almost $530. No, that is not a typo!  (I won't get into why they are so expensive now. Hint - government and new safety issues)


After the installation was completed, and leaks fixed, I set the new thermostat at approximately the same location on the dial as the previous heater had been, realizing that I may have to adjust it slightly up-or-down on Monday.


Fast forward to that night and time for my shower:  I set the shower knob at the normal location for the temperature I like (normally a very hot shower) and got in.  The water started off warm (as usual) and began warming up.  I was sitting in my shower chair and reaching for the soap as the water continued to get hotter, very quickly.  Next thing I know, scalding hot water is hitting me ... I screamed like a little girl as I thought I was inflicting my internal organs to third-degree burns!  I have never felt water that hot come from a shower before.  I could have easily cooked pasta in that water.


Needless to say, I lowered the thermostat level on the new water heater shortly after I recovered!

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