Friday, August 15, 2008

Who is in your speed-dial?


I found my own personal method for setting up the majority of the entries on my cell phone speed-dial:
1 - Voice Mail (set by manufacturer)
2 (abc) - Renee (wife - #1 was taken by v-mail)
3 (def) - Henry
4 (ghi) - Home
5 (jkl) - Joe (buddy)
6 (mno) - Mom
7 (pqrs) - Sarah
8 (tuv) - Todd (buddy)
9 (wxyz) - GOOG-411


My method (except for 1,2,3 & 9) is to tie one of the letters from each button to the first letter of the person it is assigned to.  I would have put Renee on #1 (since she is my #1), but that was taken by v-mail, so she got #2.  If you know Henry, you would know why he doesn't fit into any normal mold, so he got #3.


If you don't know about Goog411, you need to learn about it!  Calling information (411) from a cell phone normally costs well over a dollar a call.  How would you like a free option (except cell time use) that can:
- automatically connect you to the number you are looking for
- send you a text message with business name, phone number, address and map link

- doesn't play about 30-45 seconds of advertising to 'pay' for itself


For more information, via the GOOG-411 homepage or watch the video below:


I use the TEXT MESSAGE option just about every time I call, so I will have the phone number I am looking for at a later time.  After Goog411 acknowledges it sent a text message, it then connects you with the number.


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