Tuesday, December 13, 2005

There's a sucker born every minute...

While it has been reported that PT Barnum coined that wonderful phrase, whoever did was entirely correct. Below is proof by way of links to recent Ebay auctions where buyers were to greedy to realize what they were actually bidding on.

Here is a buyer the bid $810 for an empty Xbox 360 box! The very first paragraph of the advertisement reads:
This is the PREMIUM BUNDLE BOX only. It would include bonus accessories, if it were the actual PREMIUM XBOX 360! DOES NOT Come with 20GB Hard Drive, Console, HD Cables, Wireless Controller, Headset! In other words for those of you who do not understand, YES YOU ARE GETTING AN EMPTY BOX SO DO NOT ASK! Great for gags! DO NOT bid if you don't intend to buy! No excuses, I will not retract bids for you! You will be reported to eBay if you backout after winning the auction. I Cannot be more clear!
Visit the actual page by clicking on the image:

And this extremely bright buyer purchased a 4x6 photograph of an Xbox 360 for a mere $715!. While this ad is a little more secretive in it's method, the opening statement of the description, written in red, is:
Please read this auction carefully, and do not bid on this item unless you are serious
about buying it. Don't end up hassling me, and more importantly, hassling yourself!.
In the middle of the following paragraph is
It's sold out everywhere. Every store, including Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City, EBgames, and Walmart, is sold out of this newest craze, which would explain why Ebay is now the hottest place to get it! Why not remember this craze with a picture? Up for auction is a 4x6 photograph of the brand-new Microsoft Xbox 360. As a matter of fact, we'll even send this item to you overnight. And you know what's the kicker? We'll give it to you overnight for FREE!
View this wonderful opportunity here:

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