Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bad Cop, No Doughnut!

A buddy of mine, a fellow amputee, related the following two days of activities to me yesterday. It was such a great story, I had to share it with all my faithful readers (both of you):

List of characters:
MB: My Buddy
DC: Dumb Cop
Judge: Judge (a judge? this should be good!)

I received this message from MB Tuesday:
Well yesterday I had to work my part time job at a local mall. We all know, this time of year, parking is bad at any mall. Well, yesterday the only spot open was handicap, and I took it. I put my little blue card up. I was getting out of my car, when the local police asked me why I was parking there.
I just told him that I legally could. He asked for my ID, and ran the normal check. Yes, it came back with a clean record. (don't say it.) He then claimed it was not my permit, I just showed him my leg and told him the state of Michigan says I can park there. If he still had a problem, write the ticket and get ready to have fun in court.
Guess what, I came out 4 hours later, and there was a $100.00 ticket on my car. So tomorrow, on my day off, I am going to have my fun in court!
I got this from him yesterday, after he returned from court:
When I arrived, they asked me to come back on the date written on the ticket. I told them I would not be in town. (A small lie, but I was not under oath!) The Judge had the Police Department called, and asked for the Officer to come to his court with the video type.

An hour and half later he shows up. He explained to the Judge, I first went through a red light, then parked in a handicap spot, and that I was not handicapped. We watched the tape showing me making my turn, under a green light. Because of the way he was behind me, the tape did not show me showing him my leg, or my parking card.

Judge: " Are you handicapped, according to the State of Michigan?"
MB: "Yes Sir" I took off my leg and set it on the table.
Judge: "Did you inform the officer"
MB: "Yes, I even showed him my leg"
Judge: "Do you have a handicap plate, or card"
MB: "Yes Sir, I do." I showed the judge my card

Judge: "Officer, the video shows you had no reason to come in contact with MB. MB is, according to every State I have visited, handicap. I am tossing this ticket out. I am Fining the city for this courts time. Further, Not only will you apologize to MB, I am directing a formal apology from the Police Chief and the City, be given in a public forum, within 15 days, from today.
How great would it be to be a fly on the wall when the chief found out about this and had a 'counseling' session with the officer?

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