Monday, September 22, 2003

Research, research, research....

Well, I have been spending most of my lunch and coffee breaks researching prosthetics and the like. I have found nothing but good to great (a little OSU humor there) about Dr Ertl and the Ertl procedure. That part of the equation appears to be quite easy to deal with, other parts are starting to make me think a lot. It's not that I am confused as to whether the procedure should be done, I know that it is needed. I haven't been able to determine where I am at, mentally speaking.

I should be hearing back from Dr. Etrl's office sometime today (or tomorrow) about the scheduling for my pre-surgical tests. There are three to be done: TCPO2, Venus Doppler & Arterial Doppler. These tests are to determine how much oxygen is being delivered to my leg in the blood system, and how much damage I may have in the veins and arteries (after I find out more specifics, I'll let you know). Dr. Ertl advises he normally only has these test run on older patients and those with bad cases of diabetes (and, I guess, those who have had massive amounts of reconstruction between the knee and toes).

Back to the research.... I think I am just confusing myself a little more each day, since I really don't know how the whole "leg building" process is going to work. When I see the odd shapes of the feet that are out there, I have no idea as to how I am supposed to put them inside shoes. I guess that is why I have Jonathan, to show me how to use what he builds for me. It sends a chill up my spine when I think about the possibility of getting to go for a walk again with Renee. A trip around Boomer Lake sounds really nice, right about now. That normally takes about an hour, at a slow pace, and while I don;t talk much during the walk, I miss that time with her. Having Sarah and Hope with us also sounds good.

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