Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joe, this post is for you

Yesterday, while enjoying the OSU lead over Missouri, I got a call from an old friend. Joe M. is a guy I know from a previous life (job responsibility) that I have met in person only a few times, but it seems like we have known each other forever. We talk on the phone several times a year, especially to call each other for birthdays and the like. Renee knows him as the guy who sent the huge basket of brownies when I was in the hospital after my accident (when I say huge, I mean it fed three shifts of nurse, besides all the friends and family that came to see me - yeah - HUGE).

I met Joe when he was trying to sell me some training solutions for our CIS personnel (CIS= Computing & Information Services - Pre IT). While I won't mention the name of the company here, the initials are ML. Joe was in the 'College and University' side of the sales team at time. Since then, he has been moved over to the 'Government' side of the sales department. Joe has the type of personality that never meets a stranger, and gets along great with everyone .... everyone except the new VP of the company it seems.

I guess to be accurate here, the VP seems to be the type that only meets strangers, someone that doesn't communicate well with others and builds his decisions based upon those non-communication moments.

Joe was at the top of his game in regards to sales. In fact, he was at the top of everyone's game, as he has been the leading sales guy within his side of the sales area for a while. But that didn't keep the VP from giving Joe the boot last week, the day after his 12 year anniversary with the company.

Joe has a strong faith in the Lord, and knows that this will all work out for good, but it is still a shock to me.

I doubt any other employees with the company (let's call it, um, BrainGuide) read this blog, but if you do I make the following recommendations:
1. Fire up the word processor of your choice
2. Open your resume (or start one if you don't have a copy)
3. Get it updated
4. Start covertly looking for another job

If Joe wasn't safe there, none of the others are either ... unless you have the word 'president' somewhere within your official title.

Side note: #17 OSU went on to beat #3 ranked Missouri with a final score of 28-23.
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