Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Fallen Friend

With great sadness I use this blog to report the loss of another great man, one I greatly respected and had the honor of calling a friend: Major Scott Hagerty, US Army.


I received a call late last night advising me that Scott was kill in Afghanistan (no further details currently available).  I have had the privilege of knowing Scott for about four years.  During those years, he has been deployed to Iraq, Africa and Afghanistan.


Besides being missed by family and friends, he will also be missed by his fellow soldiers as well as those in the areas he has been deployed.  Let me explain why:


Scott wasn't a front line 'grunt' that went around with firearms like is always shown in the media.  While in Africa, he was the commander of Civil Affairs Team 412, a team whose mission included coordination with Ugandan leaders and the Uganda People’s Defense Force military to help carry out the government’s plan for recovery, development and peace. This initiative resettled displaced persons into villages where infrastructures have been restored.  While there, civil affairs team members repaired 63 wells in Lira and Pader districts at a cost of $120,000, positively affecting 250,000 villagers.


But Scott did more than the official work reported in this "Defend America" article.  In his 'personal time', he adopted an orphanage.  Mind you, not a single orphan, but an entire orphanage!  While in Africa, his communications with home didn't include requests for personal comfort items, but instead listed items for a poorly supplied orphanage in his area.  Our church had the honor of sending box after box of supplies so that Scott could share a some of our country's "wealth" with those who needed it.  Scott wasn't big on asking for himself, but he was huge on helping others.  For this reason, Scott will be missed by even those he was sent to protect/serve.


The only comfort during this time is knowing that Scott is currently basking in the glory of his personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  One day many of his family and friends will be there with Scott.  It is my hope that you (yes, you ... the one currently reading this blog entry) will be there with us as well.  If you have questions, email me!



From the article linked above


Capt. Scott Hagerty, Civil Affairs Team 412 commander, mingles with local villagers after the Acholpii Lapono PS well dedication in Uganda recently.


U.S. Army photo by Spc. Evelyn Rodriguez

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