Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello, I'm Ron .... and I'm a seed-aholic

(this is where you say: "Hi Ron")


I can't remember how long I have been a sunflower seed lover, but it has been since at last junior high or before.  Anytime I drive long distance, you can usually find a package of seeds and paper/styrofoam cup right next to me.  I usually have the excuse of 'eating seeds helps me stay awake when driving long distances', which is actually true considering the constant action required to enjoy them:

     1. pour in the hand

     2. throw them into the mouth

     3. position extras around the jaw

     4. crack shell open

     5. eat the seed

     6. spit out the shell

     7. repeat steps 4-6 until out of seed

     8. Go to step 1


I am the type of person who finds something they like and sticks with it.  Why take a chance on ordering/buying something you might not like?  As such, I normally just buy David Original sunflower seeds. However while attending a football game a couple of weeks ago, a guy sitting beside me had a bag of David Dill Pickle sunflower seeds.  Yep, dill pickles (another of my eating vices).  Being that most seeders are not overly selfish with their supply, I asked for a small sample and was quite surprised with the taste.  So much so that it was hard not to ask for a few more samples. ;-)


As we were gearing up for our trip to Colorado Springs last week, Renee went to the corner Conoco (best vendor for David seeds) and got me a big bag of DP seeds and surprised me with them.  Yep, she loves me more than you will ever know!


One thing I have learned over the past few years is the fact I have to 'seed responsibly as the sodium content will increase fluid retention.  Normally that isn't a problem, but as an amputee, fluid retention/settling in my residual limb (pc term for 'stump') makes it difficult to put on my prosthetic limb of a morning.  When driving to Mexico in 2004, I ate seeds almost continuously, while my pros was lying the floorboard beside me.  When we got to a rest stop, I wasn't able to get my leg completely on!  With the construction of my newer leg, I have a better method of driving comfortably (without worry of fluid issues).


After going to to get images for this post, I found a few more flavors I may have to try:  Bar-B-Q, Jalapeno (hope it is flavor and not heat) & Nacho Cheese.  But, I think I will stay clear of the Ranch (never have liked ranch) and Sizzlin' BBQ (not into the heat).  I might have to find an official Travel Cup as well.


You just gotta love a few of the quotes/slogans from David's website:

The DAVID Seeds Travel Cup makes a statement that says. "I am a Seeder, and I Spit Responsibly."

Eat, Spit, Be Happy

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