Sunday, May 20, 2007

3D Weekend

If I don't forget to make entries in my calendar, I will end up either forgetting something important or double-book myself to two different events at the same time.  On thing that makes me smile each time I look at my upcoming appointments is a 3D entry.  3D stands for Daddy-Daughter Date.  This weekend I had two!


Friday afternoon I used a couple hours of annual leave so Sarah and I could attend Frontier City's Homeschool night.  Tickets had to be pre-purchased through the OCHEC organization.  Since it was designed for homeschooling families only (several public school friends were there as well), the lines at all of the rides were almost non-existent.  We were able to ride all the rides we wanted as many times as we wanted!  The first time we were on the Renegade Rapids, we barely got wet at all.  An hour or so later, we decided to ride it once more, so we would have time to dry off before we left for the evening.  The second ride was nothing like the first.  I think I am usually dryer when I get out of the shower than I was when I got of that raft the second time.  Normally I am not one to think ahead, but the ziploc bag in my pant's cargo pocket containing my billfold, keys and cell-phone was the best idea of the day, as they were the only dry items on me.  I even had to pour water out of my prosthetic foot!  Sarah and I stayed until closing time and then headed north to Stillwater.  (the evening wasn't even ruined when we had a right-rear blowout on I-35 in the middle of nowhere)


Fast forward to today. 
Sarah and Renee went to Tulsa University for a high school student visit day with a friend.  That left Hope and I to have a our own 3D.  After church we went home to change and then off to the Golden Dragon for lunch.  Since she normally rides in a booster seat in the rear seat of the car, we decided to move it to the front seat of our old Oldsmobile (she loves riding in the front seat ... she says it feels like she is flying).  After a great lunch of sweet-n-sour chicken for her and shrimp fried rice for me, we stopped in at Swick's Mini Glow Golf. Swick's is a pizza place in Stillwater that bought the shop next to it for a mini-golf game room.  It is a small 9 hole course, but all the course borders, golf balls and decorations are painted with neon paint that glows under black lights, the only lighting in the room.  To top off a great daddy-daughter date ... we had the place completely to ourselves!  Since it was unlimited-play Sunday, we got to play as long as we wanted.  Sarah had told Hope to wear white so she would glow.  Knowing this, Hope decided to wear her cute white dress.  I couldn't tell if she was glowing from the black lights or if it was from us having a great 3D!

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