Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Who took all of the hours out of the day?

I have been busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking party lately.  Where have all the hours in the day gone lately?


For various reasons, activity related to the website have increased almost exponentially in the past week or two.  Being that I am now communicating directly with two surgeons and at least one board member, instead of a single contact point (Tony Barr), it makes keeping everything straight somewhat more difficult.


While the increase in activity has some to do with Tony's death, the forth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars has had something to do with it as well.  If you spend just a little bit of time Googling about the show's first amputee participant Heather Mills, you will find out that she is an "Ertl Amputee" (near the bottom of this message).  If you aren't following the show, but would like to watch some of the dancing, you can view dance videos here (Heather has been doing an outstanding so far!).


In mid-2005 I got an email from Tony telling me that Heather Mills was going to have an Ertl revision (follow-up surgery to repair previous amputation surgery) due to excessive pain, but that I wasn't to tell anyone since it was a secret.  My first thought was "who am I going to tell?".  Later when it was announced, it was kinda cool being that it was old news to me.


In early February of this year, I started working with the webteam for Heather (like how I am on first name basis with her now ô¿~ ) so that we can get Barr Foundation & ErtlRecon info on her site, and in turn, get some of Heather's info on our site.  That process is taking longer than I would like since her site is getting a complete overhaul.  While Heather has mentioned the Ertl procedure in some of her various interviews, she has no control over the editing prior to them being aired.  Hopefully she will advance far enough that they time slots for interviews will allow for more details about her level of amputation.


There are a few other 'news worthy' items in regards to Dancing with the Stars and Heather Mills, but I will leave those for a future post. 

(note to Joe: don't ruin the surprise in the comments area)

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