Friday, August 11, 2006

With this banana I thee wed

A jewelry store in the NSW city of Bathurst now stocks, along with plenty of carats, that other great status item – fresh bananas.

With every engagement ring, W J Coote and Sons is giving away its usual bottle of champagne – but buyers also are getting a gift-wrapped bunch of "yellow gold".

Store owner Sam Coote said the idea came to him as he was shopping at the weekend.

"I was basically walking through the supermarket with my wife and people were buying lettuce, tomatoes, carrots – and one banana," he said.

"I thought, this is getting ridiculous. They're the type of thing that you associate with a jewelry store. They're now a luxury item."

So Sam went out and bought dozens of the post-cyclone Larry luxuries at the luxury price of $3.65 a banana.

Now, along with the diamonds, necklaces, sapphires and rings, the business features gift-wrapped bunches of bananas in the window.

"I've got a sign saying 'the bananas are under video surveillance at all times'," he laughs.

The price of bananas is expected to turn the corner soon as fresh post-cyclone stock is ready for harvest.
Sources: Sydney Morning Hearld & The Courier Mail (from down under)

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