Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It is amazing how loud silence can actually be at times. In my office, I have (had) an external 60GB drive on my desk primarily for backup purposes. Over the past few months it started to generate a very low volume but high-pitched whine. It was always more noticeable when the drive was being accessed, but the noise was always there. A couple of weeks back, it got to the point where visitors to my office would inquire what was making that 'annoying noise'. Being that it started slowly, I became accustomed to it.

As I was more concerned with the fact the drive was giving signs of a future failure (something was obviously wrong with it to sound as it did), I requested a replacement drive. It arrived today and I took a few minutes to swap out the drives. I had already made a copy of the data on the external drive to my primary computer since I knew I was going to have a replacement within a few days. I am currently copying the data back over to the new drive and if it weren't for the "Copying..." dialog box on my screen (with the flying paper animation) or the "Access" light flickering on the front of the drive, I would have no way of knowing the device is in use!

Silence can be a golden thing ... now if I could just get some replacement co-workers!
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