Friday, November 26, 2004

What a week!!!!

The blog has been quiet for a while, but I hope you will understand. Last week I was offered the webmaster duties of, a site I have been very interested in for the last year. While the domain name contains my doctor's last name, it is actually a site maintained my Ertl recipients and supporters. The previous webmaster has become very busy and offered to let me take the duties for a while. I was more than happy to jump at the chance. Spent the majority of my free time last week and the first part of this week making major revisions/additions to the site.

Earlier this week I got several pieces of good news ... all related to amputee issues:
  1. On Monday, my CP (certified prosthetist) asked me to go to Minneapolis with him ion January. He is going for some new training, and all the students are required to bring their own 'test subject'. It is unknown if I will get to 'walk away' with any new technology, but as long as I can help Jonathan out, I am more than willing to go. Won't really be a vacation, as we are going to get there late Wednesday, attend 16 hours worth of training on Thurs/Fri, then fly back Friday evening. Should be a rush trip, but I will get some time to get to know Jonathan better, in a better environment that we are normally in (clinic setting)
  2. Found out that the moderator of another major amputee website (Dan) has the same CP as Chad from Survivor ... and Dan is forwarding my contact info to Chad for contact about various items to discuss. This may not sound like much to most, but Chad is a major 'spokesperson' in the amputee world right now, and the chance to correspond with him is huge to me.
  3. ABC has a series on television called Extreme Makeovers. While I have never seen it, I understand it the purpose of it is to provide an extreme makeover (duh) including makeup, hair, clothing, etc for a few lucky people. This season they have decided to include an amputee in their lineup., with the makeover including a prosthetic leg. (No, I am not applying!). My doctor, Will Ertl, has provided the idea of having a truly 'extreme' makeover, including an Ertl Procedure amputation, for a person who is already needing it, but is lacking in the resources ($$$) to have it completed. If this happens, as webmaster of, I may get to have some part in the process. We'll just have to wait and see!

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