Saturday, July 31, 2004

Manchurian Candidate

Nothing like a dark movie theater to rest in after a hard morning/afternoon of work. Renee and I went to see the Manchurian Candidate, as I never miss a Denzel Washington movie. I was warned to take notes during the movie since it has so many different things going on, but I seemed to follow it just fine (maybe it was due to the slow mental response I was experiencing). As usual, D.Washington picked a great script and was very in-tune to his character. While I won't provide any spoilers here, I will state that this will be one to rent on DVD, for all the extra parts, including the director's commentary!

Question: Why do the theaters have to play so many commercials prior to the movies? I'm not talking about movie previews ... as I understand the need for them. I am talking about the multiple cell-phone, "I want your bod" body spray, credit card and Calvin Klein commercials. Television stations use commercials to raise revenues, but I am paying to go to the movies. As such, I should only have to sit through the 10 minutes of previews and not the additional 15 minutes of commercials. Manchurian Candidate was scheduled to start at 4pm, but the first credit for it didn't show until 4:25!

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